“United Prayer Rising for Europe”, or UPRising Europe is a call to believers from every nation in Europe to come together to seek God and pray for a youth awakening across our continent.

We believe that God is raising up a nameless and faceless generation, an army of young worshippers, radical lovers of Jesus, who irrespective of their political inclination, economic situation or church background, gather before him to worship, fast and pray for their continent Europe.

He is calling us all to rise up, together, for Europe.

UPRising Europe is part of the global UPRising movement that has been birthed out of the World Prayer Assembly in 2012 in Indonesia.  The first UPRising event was in Seoul, South Korea in July 2016 (click here to see a video of the final day of the Korea event).

Since then, there have been UPRising events in the Philippines, South Africa, Mongolia, Bolivia, Malaysia, Canada, Chile, Mexico and California.

In January 2019, there will be a global event in Jakarta, Indonesia called World Generation Gathering. "UPRising Europe" is the European response to this global call for a young generation to come together in unity to worship and pray.

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