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Group Booking Form

If you are planning on bringing a group of 6 or more people to Uprising Europe, we would invite you to register the group name with us, and tell us a little about yourselves so we can add the Group Name to the Booking form.

Once this is done, you can invite the members of your group to register individually – and select your Group Name on the Bookings form.  This helps both of us, as we would like to invite people to help out at the event using the Bookings Form!  This way, we can ensure that you are all camping or using bedrooms that are fairly close together.

Please ask the organiser of your group, who will be taking overall responsibility to complete the form below to register your group name.  We wont ask them for any money yet!  We will contact you as soon as the main booking form has been updated so that your group members can sign up.